What is Cinemactor: Cinemactor is an interactive theatrical event where laymen actors, and aspiring actors re-enact movie/television scenes in front of a live audience where the winner takes home a prize!

How it works: Participants choose a clip from Cinemactor’s library online or in person at the venue. The clip is shown to the audience and then the actor is called to the stage to perform the scene. A panel of judges or a poll from the audience is taken and the winner is announced. Limited props will be provided; however, we encourage you to rehearse and dress the part as there are prizes to be won!

Finally: We urge you to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse as at the end a price is given to the winner voted by members of the audience. Each winner is eligable to compete in the big "Cinemactoff" for a much bigger price.
Good luck and see you on stage.

Email us for more information.